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Nicole, Mexico

Dr. Roxana, Mexico

Sylvia, USA (ENG)

Sylvia, USA (ESP)

Sylvia, USA (DEU)

Karla, Mexico

Tessa, Scotland

Lucia, UK

Julio, España

Itziar, España

Kerstin, Germany

Dalila, USA

Bere, Mexico

Oliver, Germany

Karla, Sweden

Erik, Scotland

Carolina, Czech Republic

Maria, USA

Abril, Mexico

Karina, Mexico

Carlos, Spain

Arlette, Mexico

Chantal, Mexico

Dana, Germany

Andrea, Mexico

Gabriela, Mexico

Dr. Louis, Mexico

Abraham, Mexico


Ily, Mexico

Alin logró que retomara un compromiso conmigo misma, ver de lo que mi mente y mi cuerpo son capaces de lograr juntos y que comer sano es delicioso! Alin hizo que este proceso fuera MUY FÁCIL para mí, cambiar por completo hábitos alimenticios dándole a mi cuerpo sólo lo mejor! Amo ver los resultados día con día, no más dietas, no más sacrificios.

Muchas Gracias Alin, eres una profesional!

image Christian Figueroa.png

Christian, Mexico

Hello, my name is Christian Figueroa and I want to acknowledge the great work of Alin as she helped me control my appetite for sugar through some insight sessions. Thanks to that I managed to understand the reasons why I unconsciously consumed so much sugar and now I have felt much better in my day to day life! Thanks Allin!

Testimonial Nayeli_USA.jpg

Nayeli, USA

Hello. My name is Nayeli. I came to Alin because even though I really tried  several times to have a more healthy and active life, something was stopping me to be constant. Alin helped me to to find some moments in my life, that blocked me and, in a very professional way, she transformed it into something very positive. Today I am feeling very motivated, I do sports often and my family also got that vibe. Thank you so much Alin! I highly recommend her

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Caro, Mexico

Alin es una gran profesional, me ayudo a salir de una depresión y a bajar de peso. He notado los cambios desde que he salido de las sesiones y mi calidad de vida ha mejorado mucho. Muchas gracias Alin por tu gran ayuda!

zaira testionio.png

Zaira, Mexico

Durante la pandemia noté que mis niveles de ansiedad se incrementaron. Con la ayuda de Alin no sólo logré controlarlos, sino que además me ayudó a tocar temas más profundos para entender el origen de mi ansiedad. Ella es muy profesional y la recomiendo ampliamente.

Avatar 100

Barbora, Czech Republic

Alin, I loved the way you helped me with my money blocks. You were navigating me through the session exactly to scenes I needed to see. You were carefully listening and gave me wonderfull transformation and recording.

Thank you!

You are wonderfull.

Weight Testimonial.jpg

After 1 Session

I went to Alin for getting help to get rid of the extra weight. I really enjoyed and liked the approach of "gaining health". It truly helped me to free my self and make healthy food choices.

Thank you Alin for your amazing support


Abril, Mexico

Gracias Alin!! Con tu apoyo he logrado mejorar muchísimo en mis cursos de ansiedad!! Me siento más segura, empoderada, independiente y autosuficiente!
Muchas gracias por tu apoyo a lo largo de este proceso.


Chris, Denmark

Alin guided me in a session to find my purpose. I can recommend such a session as you will figure out things that passioned you when younger and that you might have forgotten. Alin does a great job guiding the session and you always feel safe. Thank you Alin!

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